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FedEx refuses to take Huawei products


Trade tensions between the two leading global economies, the US and China, grew tauter after US logistics firm FedEx have denied transporting a Huawei smartphone.

UK-based PC Magazine’s reporter had tried sending a Huawei phone to the US by Fedex but was returned the parcel because Huawei has been blacklisted by the US government.

The return of the parcel was not based on any specific regulation on transporting goods from the UK to the US.

"As advised on the information provided, due to the issues the US government is having with Huawei they don't accept any items from this brand," said a representative of FedEx’s customer service, who chatted with the reporter on social network platform Twitter.

The representative also explained that the denial to transport Huawei’s goods aims to ensure FedEx’s compliance with the US’ blacklist.

FedEx’s move is contrary to its previous response to VIR, where it stated, “FedEx values our business in China. Our relationship with Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. and our relationships with all of our customers in China are important to us. FedEx holds itself to a very high standard of services. FedEx will fully co-operate with any regulatory investigation into how we serve our customers.”

This statement was released as soon as the Chinese government began considering blacklisting the leading US logistics firm, similar to how the US government treated Chinese leading technology firm Huawei.

Last month, the US government blacklisted Huawei and its affiliates from buying services and parts from American firms without approval. The US government has subsequently eased those restrictions, allowing Huawei to buy US components for 90 days to maintain existing networks.

Previously, China announced that FedEx was put under investigation after Huawei said it was re-assessing its relationship with the US delivery service. The move was prompted by the unauthorised diversion of multiple Huawei shipping parcels. The Chinese telecommunications company accused FedEx of diverting two parcels postmarked from Japan and destined for company addresses in China to the US, without providing detailed explanation. FedEx also allegedly attempted to re-route two other packages sent from Vietnam, without authorisation