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APL opts for Australia


APL has launched a new weekly service connecting the Australian cities of Brisbane and Sydney with Southeast Asia. The Australia Asia Express 2 (AAX2) service began on 15 March, departing Ho Chi Minh on the following rotation: Ho Chi Minh-Port Klang-Singapore-Jakarta-Brisbane-Sydney- Port Klang-Ho Chi Minh. According to APL, the service is the only one of its kind with a direct call between the Vietnamese city and Australia, and is the fastest of its kind, reaching Brisbane in just 16 days, with Sydney coming two days later.

The carrier has also launched a new intermodal rail service for its US customers. The EXX RailFlash service, it boldly claims, can “dramatically shave days” from a shipment’s transit into inland destinations. Presently offered for shipments coming into Los Angeles, EXX RailFlash comes with a “white glove service” and links up to Chicago (16 days from Shanghai, 17 from Ningbo) Dallas (15 days from Shanghai, 16 from Ningbo), Kansas (14 days from Shanghai, 15 from Ningbo), and Memphis (15 days from Shanghai, 16 from Ningbo).